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Toyota Yaris GRMN will make his appearance in Geneva with 210 HP

Toyota Yaris 210 CV

Only 15 days does not separate from the opening day of the 87 Of the Geneva Motor, in which we will see developments of all types and a large number of manufacturers that you won’t want to miss the key appointment for the sector. Toyota will be one of the manufacturers present there and will not exactly “barefoot”. At its booth, among other models, we will see the new Toyota Yaris and also its high performance, the Toyota Yaris GRMNVariant.

This version more benefits, they say from the brand, is inspired and influenced by the return of the brand to the Championship of the world of rally, WRC. The utility sports introduces under the front hood a 1,800 cc with supercharged engine by turbo able to yield an output of 210 HP. This will place you in a range of similar potency to the other cars of segment B as the Opel Corsa OPC or Peugeot 208 GTi.

Toyota Yaris 210 CV

As we already learned earlier this year, the sporty Yaris’s production never manufactured will be used only to its three-door body; being also available only with actuator on the front axle. All it previous, next to its low weight, you should allow perform accelerations of 0 to 100 km / h in some 6.5 seconds. The urban sports will bring all its weapons especially on mountain roads, the more twisty better. By the way, if you wonder, GRMN acronyms come from “Gazoo Racing Masters Nürburgring”.

In addition to this powerful engine, the Yaris GRMN brings adapted brakes to more demanding driving, tires larger, specific configuration of the chassis , and probably a cockpit with small differences in search also offer a greater visual sportsmanship. Regarding the transmission, it is more than likely that recourse to a Manual six relationships and, in theory, the developments should not be too long. In any case, will wait day 7 to know each and every one of its details.

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