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Travel safety: how well placed the luggage


Get good weather, and with it, began to get out more, so it’s time to stop a bit and begin preparing the various elements that provide security during the holidays. We have already spoken, although it is never enough, theimportance of the condition of tires, headlights and have good levels of engine. But in this article we are going to stop us in the correct placement of the luggage.

This is extremely important, because any objects that are loose can fly off and cause serious damage, since its mass can be multiplied varis times faced a sudden deceleration. For this reason must be taken into account that never rear tray must not serve to save anything without being conveniently subject. To a halt, it may hit the occupant of the front or rear seat and cause an injury.

Luggage must be in the trunk, well placed

The luggage must be in the trunk, which is the place where they should be. That Yes, even though they are in the trunk, must be positioned correctly. The way bag-drop should be consistent and allow that well distributed weight to prevent unwanted landslides that alter the address.

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Never have to carry baggage in the cabin, unless it is indispensable and always securely Objects of greater weight should go at the bottom, providing the basis of luggage. On these packages have placed the rest of baggage, seeking balance between shape and weight, so that is not no loose bulk that moves without control. If the vehicle has anchor points in the trunk, you must use them. Ensuring the load with fasteners you can avoid unwanted scares and security will increase considerably, to avoid causing a displacement of the load that causes a change in the direction.

It should be remembered that objects that are likely to break without protection can not be. For example, glasses must be covered with blankets or cardboard. And always, conveniently subject. If a glass is broken, it can cause very significant wounds and is better to avoid risks.

Pets must also travel subject

If it is necessary to leave a suitcase, backpack or any other type of bulk in the rear seats, it is left in the ground, between the front and rear seats. These will make barrier and restraint and avoided to go soaring. Pets must also be attached, so I recommend you read this article, which has the best way to move them, without risk for them or for the rest of the occupants of the car.

Traffic Civil Guard also controls the placement of the load and can punish if it considers that it can cause some risk. If you feel that this risk can move to other vehicles, the fine might be still more considerable and surpass the 1,500 euros. So, before starting the journey, make sure that everything is in place and does not represent any risk to anybody, vehicle occupants, other drivers… and your pocket.

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