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Über hires hit book to Amit Singhal of Google engineer

Uber Taxi

Autonomous driving continues his frenetic pace and by now, together to Tesla Motors, über is the firm that seems to bring more benefit to the traditional manufacturers of cars. The American company continues with tests of its autonomous cars in various States of the United States. Besides this, in the signature continue with their research to create them systems of intelligence artificial so their cars it can mount and others brands interested it can acquire.

These complex works are being carried out internally in Uber, however to give a push to the same have decided to hire a new engineerAmit Singhal is the engineer who is behind the most famous search engine in the world. Google has been his home for 15 years and it gave form and life to the search system that we all know today when we get to sail in the Google search box.

Googe Uber

He was the person responsible for reporting the news (on his personal blog) until über make it official. Arrival at the firm will help to make the system of autonomous car rental House a reality sooner rather that later. For this will be to the orders of Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber and an of the people more involved in the development of this system.

Inside über his since will be the of Vice President senior of engineering and with their expertise in programming will help to give shape to this revolutionary system of rental. With it, the client can request a vehicle and this may go to collect him where has requested the service. If the firm is capable of shaping the technology they already have and implement it in their cars, the mobility of individuals will radically change already that will not be necessary to wait by the vehicle or even to request it for an hour in particular and focus only on the trip.

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