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Über paralyzes the proof of their autonomous cars in California

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So autonomous cars to reach the market in the same conditions as those who do now know they have to go through a series of tests that verify that they are prepared to circulate safely. However these tests are not yet allowed in all countries of the world since legislation that covers this topic still is vague and in many cases also regulates all aspects that interfere with these tests.

Another of the problems that arise with these regulations is that each country imposes his and hence manufacturer who wants to test its autonomous cars in several countries at the same time can go crazy when modifying vehicles to meet all requirements. The country in which happen more things of this type is United States. In the homeland of Uncle Sam each State forming the United States has a different regulation which has the neighbor and that makes problems.

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

One of the firms is carrying out tests of their autonomous cars in various States of the United States is Uber. The signature specialist transport of people wants to be the first to have an autonomous market car and for this purpose you are testing their cars in several cities. The problem is that in some of these seems that it does not have all the permissions required and this situation could wreck with its expansion plans.

In view of the discrepancy that exists at the time of applying for the permit the Department of motor vehicles in California has been reported to über can not carry out tests of their cars in their way. This situation to the fact that the firm is forced to suspend (do not know if on a temporary basis) proofs of their cars in this State. Meanwhile the rest of its fleet of autonomous cars still circulating by other States of the United States. To see when to solve this problem.

Source – Department of motor vehicles in California

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