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Update for the Subaru 15th at Geneva Motor Show

Subaru XV

Several months ago we were at the controls of the 15th Subaru. This model is an SUV that shows much more focused towards the territory offroad skills that the vast majority of its competitors, which are limited to offering practically only an adventurous image. Today has been revealed a profound renewal of this Subaru XV in the Hall of Geneva.

While the aesthetic invite to think that has changed little respect to his predecessor, incorporates more news of that appears to a simple image. To start, the new model has been developed on the new platform modular of the manufacturer Japanese, one of them large advances of which boasts the brand.

Subaru XV

In the exterior design are notable, although some continuity changes, and more muscular and camperos thanks to the more “protected” bodywork surface. The front and the front profile remain the main lines of the model that replaces, appearing major shifts in the rear part of the bodywork. There we meet new pilots of lights and a general redesign of lagging behind.

But we’re going to what is really important. The 15th Subaru has won a couple of centimeters in length, width and height dimensions; which should improve its internal habitability. The clearance to the ground is the best in the segment, if not the best, exceeding 20 cm. This fact is one of the main features of identity of the Japanese model, since it allows you to venture into the field without too many worries about hitting the low body.

Subaru XV

The Subaru XV always has presumed of a good behavior away from the civilization, but now is has willing to improve when circulates by roads paved. By this has introduced the set of aid to the driving Eyesight, that both us liked when tested his brother more. In addition, the Japanese SUV is equipped with the Active Torque Vectoringsystem, which stops the wheel from the inside of the curve to improve stability in turn.

With respect to its engine, the car maker will use the Engine 2 liter boxer opposed four-cylinder. Says Subaru that, despite being based in the previous propeller, the 80% of the components are completely new. This has earned 6 CV to locate its power in the 156-HP, while it has reduced its weight in 12 kilos. The torque is maintained in 196 Nm. will be associated with the Lineartronic automaticchange, but also has been revised to simulate 7 relations and also reduces its weight in almost 8 kilograms. Logically, the set is associated with marking wheel drive AWD .

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