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UPS launches the drones with parcel service

UPS Drones

The world of the distribution of products is much more complex than it seems. Today we live a time of change, because big cities could close its center to certain vehicular traffic. Therefore we have that many people do not have access and among those affected could be the companies of distribution of goods.

As it is normal for companies that engage in such activities are looking for alternatives to packages and products can be distributed. UPS is one of the largest companies worldwide parcel and courier and to try to reduce its costs for transportation of certain products it has begun tests of transport with drones.

Some of the companies that are already doing this type of testing are Amazon, Domino pizza, or Mercedes-Benz. The results you are getting for now are even discrete but promise to improve them in a near future. In the case of UPS, as you can see in the attached video a vehicle of the firm would be located near the place of delivery and their part higher would be a drone with the package in question.

Is the weight that can support the drone of about 11 kilos and a half and the volume of the package can be up to about 50 centimeters. At all times the drone will be managed by an operator (by legal imposition) and this will handle at all times that the device runs the distance and the road that is marked him. To check that everything is OK, the drone communicates with the truck using 4 G technology, but additionally also done radio frequency as a measure of safety in the event of loss of connection.

To make the first test the UPS dron suffered a small mishap. It crashed into the roof of the truck in which he was staying. However since the company have already communicated that technology is completely safe and that will continue to work to make products that people demand beyond the limits that now have taxes.

Source – UPS

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