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V2V; the system that want U.S. series to prevent accidents


The charging technology that can carry them cars current each time is greater and between these technologies can find the system Vehicle2Vehicle or V2V. This system allows cars that what mount they can talk among them to exchange information as valuable as jams, accidents or even alerting the inclemency of the weather. Once they are collecting this type of information are sharing it with the driver so you can modify your route or even be aware of what can be found on the road.

This technology already is being tested by brands such as Volvo or BMW. Thanks to her their cars are connected in real time and drivers can know the State of the road. V2V is an element that would improve the safety of drivers and getting many traffic accidents caused by carelessness, inclement weather or traffic jams not is to produce.


Following this logical, the Department of Transportation of the United States has published a report in which asks that them new cars and trucks light incorporated of series it technology V2V. If the new cars incorporated this technology of communication them drivers would be constantly informed of what is happening to few meters of your car and therefore its security is would be increased.

According to the Department of transport this technology is very valid and has a huge potential to save thousands of lives to the year. Anthony Foxx, Secretary of transportation, has commented that want to finish with the accidents of traffic and with this technology would be a step more near achieve that them deceased in claims are zero. In addition, this organization also has requested that V2V technology is connected to other attendees and supports driving as the emergency braking system or monitoring of dead angle controls.

There will be that see if this initiative comes to good port and if others bodies official, as the Union European, is apply the tale and decide Act so our cars also it incorporated.

Source – Department of Transportation

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