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Victor Muller, former CEO of Saab, free of charges for tax evasion

Victor Muller Saab

The recent history of the Swedish manufacturer Saab has been one of the fact most media in recent years. Truth is that its future was rather grey (i.e. not black) after being abandoned to their fate by General Motors. So when there was talk of trying to revive this manufacturer our heart gave a leap and we prayed to all the Saints in heaven so this time ended not disappearing from our roads.

The end already know all. The remains of Saab were scattered across half the world, to the William Wallace in Braveheart, and now will have to settle for having one in the garage, and keep it as gold cloth. However, the bizarre this story is that the last former directors who had Saab, Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson, were indicted for falsifying documents and tax fraud.

Saab 95

Apparently Muller, Jonsson and five persons more, they falsified documentation of the ailing Saab so that funding would continue reaching brand and not ended as he finished. This allegedly “falsified” documentation benefit and much to Vladimir Antonov (one of investors who became with Saab) as allowed him to continue obtaining capital without that nobody suspected the difficult situation that was living the Swedish House.

In his attempt to save the brand, Müller and Jonsson attempted to obtain funding from the European Investment Bank and the Swedish State. However, the aid did not arrive in the required amount and had to seek bankruptcy protection in December 2011. After closing the chapter Saab, courts were put to work to judge the performance of Müller and Jonsson, and after several years of deliberations, have decided to declare them and the five remaining defendants innocent.

According to a Swedish court, there is no evidence enough nor evidence to accuse Muller, Jonsson and the rest of which he is accused of tax fraud and falsification of documents. This news may be happy to those involved, as to save the life of a unique brand could get into a mess of care. Surely is baked in the wrong wound Saab stories “rare” but much less secure than anything illegal.

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