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Volkswagen already has list its platform MEB to car electrical

Volkswagen Id-Buzz Concept

The Volkswagen Group is working at full capacity to make everyone forget as soon as possible to the Dieselgate. So they have been to the Auto Show in Detroit some that another novelty in electric form in addition to other more mundane models. This is speed that are working their engineers, modular platform that would give life to future group models driven by electricity still would soon reach a couple of years, and yet we have learned that it is already ready.

As reported by Frank Welsch (head of development platform modular electric car MEB) at the CES in Las Vegas German Consortium has completed the work to develop this base. The idea that the group be your first 100% electric car on the market in the face by the year 2020 and van deadlines would be very feasible that this is so. In addition, also reported as the rest of the Group’s brands (Seat and Skoda) also may access it, the development costs are lower.

Volkswagen I.D. Concept

Other brands of Volkswagen (Audi and Porsche) could not use because that would be working to develop one according to your tastes and needs. However, the base is now ready and therefore make the necessary changes and does not imply an extraordinary cost so it would be something acceptable for engineers and budgets of the two firms premium of the conglomerate.

In accordance with its designers it platform modular MEB could give life to the next versions electric of the Volkswagen Golf, Tiguan and Passat. Frank Welsch also have commented that Skoda would be list to debut with its first car hybrid plug-in’s face to the year 2025. With all, for the next years the group in its joint should have released to the market until 30 vehicles electric, hybrid and plug-in.

Source – group Volkswagen AG

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