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Volkswagen already reigns as a group more seller in 2016

Grupo Volkswagen

Ten days ago the year 2016 ended and now touch review of the main events that have taken place in the sector of the automobile in this period. One of which harder we know is what brands or groups industrial are the best-selling in the world and if there are variations in the top ten positions. General Motors has been the absolute Queen of global sales for years, but when the crisis almost takes her ahead lost many jobs to fall where it is now.

In later years Toyota snatched the post and Volkswagen was after her to dethrone it as soon as I could. As well, the Volkswagen Group has managed to close in 2016 with 10.1 million cars and this it makes it worthy of the throne of the most sold brands (in this case group). Toyota Gets the second position, but nothing firm Nippon has made a bad year since it has managed to enroll a total of 9.94 million cars.

Volkswagen Polo Beats

According to Focus2Move the Dieselgate seems that it has not affected sales of the German consortium and as evidence is that they have managed to overcome the barrier of 10 million cars sold in the year before 2020. However it should be mentioned that emissions trading scandal of the firm still is far from being solved and during 2017 could still discover new things that make it lose its throne.

Closes the podium of honor of the best-selling brands in the world of The Renault-Nissan Alliance with more than 8.5 million cars sold. Four instead we found to the South Korean Hyundia and Kia that with 8.17 million cars are very close snatch the post to the franco-Japanese group. The former Queen of the circus, General Motors, has had to settle for a creditable fifth place with sales of 7.9 million units in 2016.

The following five companies (or groups) to close the top 10 are as follows: Ford Motor Company (6.2 million), Honda (4.9 million), Fiat Chrysler Automóbiles FCA (4.8 million), group PSA (3.2 million) and Suzuki (2.8 million).

As curiosity mention that the Group Volkswagen manages to be the more seller in the world and also repeats title with the Volkswagen Polo because is the car small more sold in the world.

Source – Focus2Move

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