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Volkswagen could resurrect the Phaeton in the next decade

Volkswagen Phaeton

When Volkswagen decided to launch the Phateon they never imagined that it would be one of the most talked-about failures in its history. The most luxurious car ever made by the German firm (aesthetically) both seemed to their younger siblings of range that customers never set on it. In addition, its price I wasn’t on the fork that potential customers were willing to pay, because for a little more they could access an Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz, which gave them another social status.

Your impeller, Ferdinand Piëch, never admitted the mistake of throwing the Phateon to the market and let that model and its legacy was diluted in the history. Proof of this is who disappeared a year ago (more or less) of the market and almost nobody remembers him. However, it seems that it has become today after the change of course that the global strategy of the Volkswagen Group has suffered because of the Dieselgate.

Volkswagen Phaeton

As we all know, the German conglomerate has decided to bet all his future to electric cars and freelancers. If Volkswagen (like mark) will flag this change, you need an electric super car that leaves rivals in the gutter. With this approach, you should throw an ordago good enough so that no rival would dare (for a time) to eat him the ground.

Therefore, in the Board of Volkswagen dome had thought about resurrecting the Phaeton but with a new soul, a soul power. According to Herbert Diess, director of Volkswagen, “we were quite advanced with the following Phaeton, but it became clear that it wasn’t a jump it enough forward.” A large, modern sedan has to be competitive and have an advantage over the Tesla, which is the point of reference and in many regions it dominates the segment. Now, if we go back there – Phaeton-segment, we have to take to Tesla with seriousness and of course that is what we are doing with our electric strategy”.

If we take these statements of almost a foot juntillas Diess and unite them with the progress being made by the Volkswagen Group in terms of electric vehicles we could have several news on doors. The first would be the new Phaeton E.V., could be on the market as soon as the first years of the next decade. The second would be in Volkswagen directive dome they would be willing to take the risk of having a completely new car with the name of one completely forgotten will leave them well the move?

Source – group Volkswagen AG

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