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Volkswagen Group pleads guilty to all charges of the Dieselgate in the U.S.

Grupo Volkswagen Winterkorn vs Piech

The research of the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group in the United States seems that she progress continues. They have gone to testify before the Commission, that he is doing it, several of the officials who were at the firm at that time. In these sessions, we have found cross accusations of all kinds, as well as warnings about weaves them driving that she is carried out within the largest group in the automobile sector.

Now that it seems that the Court has all the elements of value necessary to determine a verdict the Volkswagen Group has taken a turn to the story with a “unthinkable” total guilty plea. As we have been able to know the German conglomerate is found guilty of the following charges that it was sitting in the dock: fraud, obstruction of Justice and making false statements.

Separación Grupo Volkswagen

This statement of guilt, it would seem that things will be solved in a matter of days, however behind it hides itself something else. For those who have it are unaware of, when someone commits a crime, if it admits guilt and lends itself so volunteer to repair damage that has caused a number of mitigating circumstances that allow a reduction of the possible penalty imposed considerable apply you.

The Volkswagen Group lawyers are not stupid and know that if put face of good children and admits his faults things can go you better. These defenses are very extended in the business areas as it allows to shorten the proceedings and avoid (in part) that the public image of the company see damaged almost irreparably.

Remains to be seen if the tribunal understands this Declaration of guilt as something sense. So the German conglomerate will have to pay lots of money in compensation, but his image could be clean in less time than expected. Not to understand it how felt, things could complicate the group, but for now we do not believe that is another alternative happens.

Source – The New York Times

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