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Volkswagen Group sees no problem in talking with FCA for an association

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Managers of the Volkswagen Group can be (by so far year) satisfied. Sales of its brands globally are still placing it as most sold in the World Builder and this is something which had been long looking forward to. However, the movements that occur in the automobile sector are very fast and where a brand is today independent, morning can be part of a large group and crush the party more than one competitor.

This is what has happened with Opel and its acquisition by the French group PSA. Until now, the French group was the third manufacturer in Europe, but with the addition of the signature of the beam to its structure become with one blow in the second. When Opel fully integrated within PSA annual volume will be about five million cars and that it makes the brands of the Volkswagen Group look threatening his European reign.

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Given the situation, the brilliant Sergio Marchionne already announced at the Geneva Auto show that it would not see a possible alliance with the German consortium with bad eyes. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has spent years looking for partners to share costs of development and what better partner as the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. As were the words of the Canadian Executive, Volkswagen officials were quick to say there was no intent to do so.

However, something they have had to change things at the heart of the German conglomerate that seems to be it have thought something better. Apparently Matthias Müller, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, said in a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the accounts of his group, which does not rule out a possible Alliance italo american groupor. However hastened to say that “there has been no contact at this point between me and Mr. Marchionne, but I never said I exclude it”.

Since then FCA would save much costs of development and could access technology that still eludes them a little bit of his hands. But must say that that would actually be benefited perform this Association it is Volkswagen, since it would have access to the production of small vehicles, technology and competition to the American market. There is nothing.

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