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Volkswagen is crowned as the best-selling but not unseating Corolla

Separación Grupo Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group has achieved what both dreamed. This dream is no more nor less than being the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. As well, 2016 will be remembered by VAG as the year in which is done with the top position in the world market. It has cost him, and everybody thought that the Dieselgate crisis could harm its sales, but seems to be growing in the face of adversity. As proof we have your iron on the European market leadership with the Golf and the Polo as the best sellers in the first half.

However for the Group Volkswagen the that not has been complete. The reason lies in the other part of the world and has solid arguments for not putting things easy. This reason is nothing more than the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla, with 635,000 units registered, it has managed to position itself as the world’s best-selling car in the first half of 2016. With this letter of presentation is more than likely that end 2016 as the leader of the market thte by twelfth time this title.

Toyota Corolla

The second model of the best-selling in the world during the first half of 2016 She was the Volkswagen Golf. The Trojan horse of the German brand has managed to enroll 500,000 unitsto the width and length of the world. These numbers guarantee to the model German, that is situated very well in all the markets in which is to the sale.

The brand that closes the podium of the sales super models is Ford. Its range f-series is a real mine of gold and is giving to the brand of the oval blue great satisfactions. In the first semester of the year has attained enroll almost 480,000 units, placing is very near the golf course. Also of the third square, Ford also manages to occupy the fourth with its Focus. The compact House has been able to sell more than 365,000 units around the world.

However, as reflection leave the following issue: not only is important be the brand that more units sold in the world, but also be which greater profitability gets in each an of those units registered. In this issue the number one still being Toyota, although “by now” is as with the silver.

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