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Volkswagen will expand its capacity production in Africa

Volkswagen Ruanda

The group Volkswagen continues to expand its operations around the world. The other day I informed you that already had operational its factory in Kenya (Africa). With the opening of this facility, its presence on the African continent will hold, since it served as a support to which you already have in Uitenhage South Africa. However, now the Consortium German announces that will open a new plant productive in Rwanda for manufacture of form local them models that more demand have in the countries of the region.

This new plant is part of the Think Blue project, which seeks to car manufacture to be respectful with the environment. The place chosen for its construction is the city of Kigali (Rwanda’s capital) and once ever built will include services to improve mobility rental and citizens like for example car pooling for hours.

Separación Grupo Volkswagen

The agreement was initialled by Francis Gatare, Director of the Council of development of Rwanda and Thomas Schäfer, Chief Executive of the Group Volkswagen South Africa. In addition, the act carried out for this purpose also was the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, and the Chairman of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess. All this is gave the last month of December in the capital of the country and until now not is has made public on behalf of the brand.

According to the Volkswagen Group “Rwanda is an ideal location for pioneering new solutions of mobility, which has a population of young experts in technology and Kigali is regarded as the most connected of Africa city”. In addition, they have committed to “create jobs, transfer knowledge and generate sustainable long-term growth”.

To achieve these objectives Volkswagen wants that the cars that participate in the project are of manufacturing local. All this will provide to the country a development not known up to before and will improve the situation economic of thousands of families.

Source-group Volkswagen AG

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