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Volkswagen will expand its reserve fund for the Dieselgate

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The Volkswagen Group does not win for trouble. The scandal of the emissions from its diesel engines in the United States has been a total turnaround in terms of view management of the group, its brands and its planning of product within several years. He Dieselgate, as is known by all the industry and the population, has so-called that the Consortium German has had that create a fund economic with which make facing them possible (safe) sanctions economic that you will fall from them United States.

However seems that this Fund of book not is it sufficiently large as to cover the hole that is them can open before their feet. As it would have informed the direction of the German consortium, the management team has decided to expand the Endowment of this Fund in nothing less than 1,000 billion dollars (950 million euros to change). The reason given is that the costs of the different processes that have open in the country could be increased with the delay in reaching a solution or the discrepancy that may have in implementing it.

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At this stage of the game we all know that the group Volkswagen is going to have that buy back a large number of their cars to prevent multimillion-dollar fines. In addition, you will have to financially compensate dealers Americans who have been affected by this scandal. This situation has already caused their income statement look altered so far year and quite possibly when they are presented the final results have more adjustments.

It still seems that you much so the case is resolved by full and pass to the oblivion of the collective. Meanwhile will have to be very aware of the movements performed by the conglomerate Teutonic to solve this ballot in the most satisfactory way for all parties involved.

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Source – Agencia EFE

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