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Volkswagen will put to the sale the Golf micro-hybrid in 2018

Volkswagen Golf R-Line

Which bundled the Group Volkswagen with the emissions of their engines diesel will be remembered (bad that les despite) during many years. The Dieselgate has made known public than the mechanical driven by this fuel have little clean so that in a few years (if all goes as planned) might be abandoning vain engine of our cars. However, this is also a problem, and large enough, for brands, since they have made large investments in this type of propellers and it will now be very difficult to amortize them.

As proof of this we have the same Volkswagen. The German conglomerate has invested lots of money (we don’t know if it is true or not) in your mechanical diesel, but as it is not profitable to make small engines thought changed with models that are driven by gasolineblocks, which in turn are assisted by small electric motors. This same is what is making Suzuki with his Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki but taking it to an end higher.

Volkswagen Golf R-Line

Of this way, would have that them next models small (Golf included) will pass to leave the block diesel 1.6 TDi e incorporate a mechanical gasoline supported by a system hybrid supported by a battery of 48 volts. According to Herbert Diess, head of Volkswagen (like mark) the next generation of Golf will leave behind the diesel blocks small and will use this technology to reduce consumption and improve performance.

According to has left fall Diess the next Golf could use as motor fuel base the new 1.5 liters with four cylinders. Couple to it a small electric motor with about 15 to 20 horsepower that would employ a 48-volt electrical system to provide help to the gasoline engine at times of acceleration, as well as to control the levels of the motor load.

By now we know that the next iteration of the Golf should get to the streets in the year 2020. What us stun slightly is that this mechanical micro hybrid has been announced for 2018 and therefore would come before the model. But not surprised because we could see a preview of your qualities in the outgoing Golf then appear in the new tuned and enhanced.

Time to time.

Source – Volkswagen

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