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Volkswagen will soon present an electric SUV concept

Volkswagen I.D. Concept Salón de Detroit

Not discovered nothing new when say that the image of Volkswagen has remained very stained by the famous scandal of them emissions pollutants, that to day of today continues giving that talk and even in them last hours has given place to any that another important detention. It giant German has clear that must wash sooner and of the best form possible its image, and not there is nothing best today that the development and the research in the field of them vehicles electric.

The future seems clear that will happen by electric propulsion vehicles and driving will be fully automated. The current trend through the body type SUV, a vehicle much in demand in United States (of greater size than in Europe), market of great importance that “has it be sworn” to the German mark. Perhaps for this reason that Volkswagen has decided to develop a concept electric type SUV.

Automotive News said to have chatted in the Living room of the Detroit car with Klaus Bischoff, the Chief Designer of the company, who would have declared that “the SUV will come, that is determined“, after being asked why debuted there the concept Volkswagen I.D. Buzz and not a model with a body all way. According to this same medium, the SUV future will be presented in the form of concept in the living room of the Shanghai automobile, during the month of April.

Despite the fact that its production version, which finally hit the market, provides that it will not look on our roads at least until 2020, we do know it will be based on the EDM platform. The initial “MEB” come of “Modular Electric Drive”, and as its own name indicates is used for the development of vehicles electric.

Volkswagen has a hard work by front if wants to return to win is the confidence of them customers American, where the dieselgate has done much damage. In Europe, the losses in data of sales have been minimal.

Source – Automotive News

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