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Volvo looks askance products imported from Trump tax

Volvo XC60

Since Donald Trump has become the Chair of the Oval Office in the White House, half the world wonders what will be its new occurrence. The American car industry is accustomed to that deal with certain protectionism , by staying true to their traditions, hard time has passed them more than once. To help that their models sell more has decided that it will impose taxes on imported vehicles and will punish the brands that choose to manufacture abroad.

This situation is very unfair, because in a free market economy should not intervene more to correct the irregularities that creates the same system. However Trump does not see it as well and believes that it may be God playing with all the buttons that has his high chair. For this reason there are foreign firms, such as Volvo, that have a good market in the country and that they are suffering from the possible implementation of these taxes.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

Lex Kerssemakers, responsible for operations of Volvo in North America, your firm will suffer much if this tax is finally activated by the Trump Administration said. In his words “it’s very bad business for us unless we transfer this price rise extra towards the final selling price” […] Customer is the loser. Everyone is the loser,”.

To avoid this situation, ImageX has confirmed that they are working very hard to factory who have projected in South Carolina opens its doors before the year 2019. It manufactured exclusively for the world the new generation of its S60 as well as some other models (which has not yet been confirmed). According to their statements “,This is the only place in the world where we are going to build the S60 […] “People are moving to the SUV, but the sedan market remains third or fourth largest in the United States segment”.

It remains to be seen if in the period of time that is up to the opening of its American plant not active Trump government tax and results from Volvo not adversely affected.

Source – Volvo

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