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Volvo will include Skype in some of their models

Volvo Skype

Connectivity is an aspect that is more and more present in cars and advancing by leaps. For those who is impossible to separate from work, Volvo has announced that it will include in some of its vehicles Skype for Business. Popular Microsoft video conferencing tool will be available for the first time in the series 90 of the Swedish brand: the Volvo XC90, S90 and V90.

The purpose of this addition is to offer the user a new possibility of communication while you are behind the wheel. With Skype for Business will be the upcoming meetings and their details, in addition to be able to join them with just a touch to touch screen. One of the priorities was to prevent the conductor to deflect attention from the road, hence comes its ease of use and that there is no option to videoconferencing.

It is a logical decision, since the incorporation of the video it would distract too much the driver and also would require the installation of a camera. Yet Swedish brand points to the arrival of the autonomous car will add more tools of productivity. Skype for Business in all three models will come accompanied by Cortana, the personal assistant from Microsoft that includes a voice recognition system.

The intention of Volvo is continue advancing in matter of connectivity and in facilitating the life to the user. The work increasingly is carried out in a more mobile way and certainly in the coming years we will continue seeing more news in this area. Volvo highlights that they have been working it “from integrated telephones of the 80s and early 90 until our system Bluetooth hands-free”.

Source – Volvo

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