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We already know what it will cost to charge a Tesla in Spain

Tesla Supercargadores lleno

One of the advantage to buy a Tesla so far had been free recharge on its network of Supercharger. Although a couple of months ago the firm’s Silicon Valley announced that this service would be free for new customers. Who buy a Tesla from this year 2017 would have that pay by the use of them Superchargers, the same decision that is took for all the buyers of the Model 3.

Today, Sunday January 15, 2017, begins to charge for refills. And we know the rate that will be applied in our country to make use of this service. In Spain will cost € 0.24/kWh, a figure that will still remain cheaper than refueling a gasoline. For example, in a Tesla Model S P100D (top 100 kWh battery), complete recharging would cost 24 euros. In this issue autonomy may exceed the 500 kilometers, the cost would therefore be below 5 euros per 100 kilometers.

Tesla Supercharger Europa
As vehicles of traditional combustion autonomy varies depending on the use we give, but cost a priori does not seem unreasonable. Although in Spain the negative part is that we have a network of limited Superchargers. As you can see on the map, we are one of the countries with less recharging points. At the moment we have 8 stations, located mainly in the area of the Mediterranean coast.

We hope that this network will expand in the coming years. Meanwhile, we have to say that new customers will also have free 400 kWh bonds. Is remade of form annual and with them is estimated that can go some 1,600 kilometers. Worn once they will have to pay the € 0.24/kWh mentioned above. If we want to leave our country, the prices vary by region. For example in France costs € 0.20/kWh and in Italy 0.25 €/ kWh. The cheapest will be Norway with 0,15 €/ kWh.


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