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We could see an Audi RS Q8 Concept at the Geneva Motor Show

Audi Q8 Concept

At the beginning of this year 2017 during the Salon of the Detroit Automobile, the German mark of the four rings made debut Audi Q8 Concept. It is a much-anticipated sports and that Audi in the future, with the variant of marketing, intended to compete with such exclusive models as the BMW X 6 or the GLE Coupe Mercedes-Benz. Now, according to some rumors, we could see a new concept that would be the prelude to the Audi RS Q8.

Surely all the present here know that they mean the acronym RS. Indeed, maximum sportiness. Until a few years ago was not something logical mix a high Sportiness and performance with a body type SUV, but we’ve already seen models that work as well as those, going back to the above, BMW X 6 M, or Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe. Why would you not to operate a large luxurious high-performance Audi SUV?

Audi Q8 Concept

While the Audi Q8 Concept presented in Detroit resorted to a hybrid propulsion system, yielding 450 HP and 700 Nm altogether, Autocar says that this model would be around 600 CV and that only would support in a gasoline engine, expected a 4-litre V8 as that mounted the footballer Audi S8 Plus. If so, its power would be shipped to the road through all four wheels thanks to the traditional brand, before passing through a transmission 8 speed automatic quattro system .

If the prototype of the Audi Q8 seen just over one month ago we loved, if we really see an Audi RS Q8 in the Geneva Motor Show, as points out coach, this will make it even more. The concept of sports is changing; no longer need to have a body I two door coupe, a low-lying and have rear propulsion to make a car incredibly fast. That Yes, it is not the same to go at a frenzied pace that truly enjoy a pure driving.

Source – coach

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