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We have already manufactured 16 million cars Renault in Spain

Renault España ha producido 16 millones coches

Renault is one of the most important manufacturers of the “old continent”. With over one century of history, the signing of the Rhombus has several decades producing cars in our country, contributing to that Spain is one of the countries that more passenger cars manufactured and exported throughout Europe. Renault Spain is in luck, and who today have produced your unit number 16 million; that it is soon said.

This morning he came out of the factory in Palencia 16 million unit produced in Spain from Renault. This milestone is a Renault Kadjar concrete unit with bodywork in pearly white color that has targeted Japan. As a curiosity, this Renault Kadjar is equipped with an engine produced in the factory of engines in Valladolid; the engine designation H5F, a 1.2 TCe 115 HP. Mechanics who also use models such as the Scénic, the capture or Clio, among others.

El nuevo Renault Mégane ya se fabrica en Palencia

Another model of Renault, with even greater success than the Kadjar in terms of sales, produced in the factory of Palencia is the Renault Mégane. Both are models of the C-segment, the Megane in the compact traditional and Kadjar as an SUV-C for its aesthetic all way. Palencia, José Martín Vega, factory director said today that “the template daily all effort and high levels of quality achieved have made possible that Renault Spain again today to a new record“.

On the other hand, Renault Spain closed the year 2016 breaking production records. Last year it produced 578.152 cars, what improvement data production in 2003, an era in which many more cars in Europe today were traded. In comparison with the previous year, the increase in manufacturing vehicles of Renault Spain grew a 20%.

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