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What happen will with drivers when there are only autonomous cars?

Tesla Model S 60

Each day that passes them marks is striving more by have and manufacture the best car autonomous that is know to the date. We already know the benefits of the Autopilot of Tesla and system failures that can occur. Also is is studying how implement it mobility in the large cities of the world by vehicles without driver. Therefore, it seems inevitable that the taxi drivers, drivers and carriers are doomed to disappear.

This situation us affects to all as if them cars work without the need of a driver not will have need of get us the card of lead, total if the car it makes all the only. However is a question that still nobody has dared to answer now that if a drivers foot disappear should not pass anything big, but if professional carriers disappear what we distribute multitude of elements? the strings logistics would continue being equal?

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

This issue is not trivial since the truckers, taxi drivers and bus drivers are essential in our society as we know it. However this subject may change so great that thousands of people who are honestly dedicated to this craft would swell the already on its large lists of unemployment. However according to it Boston Global Consulting (Yes, the same company that think it matrix BCG) them jobs that is lost by the lack of drivers is reconducir√°n towards another type of occupations.

On the opposite side we have the figure of the engineer. This professional must be recycled or form on autonomous mobility to be a valuable asset for companies that are developing this type of vehicle. According to the Boston Global Consulting, specific courses are being created, so engineers who so wish can form solid form and with guarantees of success in this field. The only requirement that are asked is that they have knowledge solids of the language of programming, statistics, algebra and calculus.

Hope that this reality, as is expected, afternoon much in get and that the drivers of the world retain its since of work during many years more.

Source – Boston Global Consulting

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