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Why should we remove the snow from the car?

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Us found in full winter and, while not is being a year of many snowy in the greater part of the country, is important know the dangers of it snow when is combine with the circulation. We here do not mean that car will have much less grip or that visibility will be reduced considerably.

Imagine a night in which has snowed. At noon you take the car and there is no any trace of snow on the roads because it has been withdrawn, but in your car. It is essential to remove snow that may have been accumulated in the crystals, but must also take into account that which remains in the roof and bonnet can be a real danger. Don’t you think so? With this video you will understand why we say it.

This American television program explains it in a very clear and concise. In the first seconds of the video we have seen how the snow deposited on the ceiling is dragged away by the air which our car crosses during circulation. If a vehicle runs behind us will be hindered his vision because logically they will be dropping some particles on your windshield. But this is not much less the most dangerous not to remove it before starting the March.

Do you imagine that the snow that we have been on the roof is completely frozen? You can think so small flakes do not ensue and would fall on the other vehicle. The problem would be much greater in road or expressways. In this situation it would be possible that a block of large surface and very heavy out literally in the air; as if it were a very heavy and rigid a bed mattress.

In case of occurring, car circulating behind us would have many chances of hitting it with the front or front windshield. The force with which this block of ice will impact would be very high, causing serious damage to the vehicle and causing them to hit directly to the occupants. The catastrophe is assured because either to give a volantazo to try to avoid it either if it hits the vehicle, probably resulting in a loss of control and a second clash, against the guard rail or another vehicle.

Do we think now?

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