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Will we have a sporty Audi SQ2 with S3 engine?

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Audi presented the Audi Q2 during the motor show of Geneva 2016, at the beginning of March. This is the bet of the German mark for the SUV-B, a small crossover segment as that we are so accustomed to see lately by our streets (and almost never out of the asphalt), but with the Premium touch and elegant that always brings the four rings manufacturer.

Although it will not reach European dealers authorized until after the summer, it took little to arrive the first renderings of possible sports versions with the letters S and RS, as the image you see in the header. It is likely that these recreations have been seen by the “mandarins” and mentioned somewhere that another internal meeting.

Perhaps due to these artificial images Audi is considering the launch of one (or several) for its new small crossover sports version. If so, the most normal thing is to carry the initials S or RS, which are reserved for high-performance variants of the German firm.


Renders very little soon to arrive, just a few days after its presentation in Geneva there was any other preparation going through the network. Now comes the turn of mechanics and after the statements of one of the senior members of Audi, Stephan Knirsch, saying that “it is something that we are seeing. It would be relatively easy to do so with the MQB platform. The Q2 shares much with the A3 “, fanning rumors about introduction variant and begin to shuffle options about what mechanics will be this variant.

Cobra forces the possibility that, finally launched a version Audi SQ2, using the propeller 2 litre turbo 310 HP and 380 Nm which currently assembles the compact sporty Audi S3.

As imagine is also free, can think that if Audi would continue that line and launched a SQ2, perhaps just launched an Audi RSQ2 end. Can you imagine it? If that dream if I did equal reality would use the five-cylinder engine of the RS3, which could place it at a scandalous figure of close to 400 horse power.


In any case, we have no choice but to wait. When Audi Q2 reach dealers managers they will analyze the results of sales, see what are the most popular versions and will listen to the public before you “get to work” with the versions of the sport, if it is finally coming to fruition.

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