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Would it be a Volkswagen Arteon two-door rival to the Audi A5?

Render Volkswagen Arteon dos puertas

A few weeks ago knew the Volkswagen Arteon, the successor of the Volkswagen CC. With a body of aesthetic coupé, five doors and room for five occupants, the Volkswagen Arteon outperforms its predecessor in practicality because that model, now discontinued, was four-door and its cockpit was not approved for five people. In addition, aims to differentiate itself from the Volkswagen Passat with superior qualities.

X-Tomi Design showed us a rendering that we hardly see someday as a production car, being an Arteon with bodywork family. However, the image that we show in the header, also X-Tomi, is possible. The designer has made a picture of how it could be an Volkswagen Arteon with a door on each side, although we don’t know if the intention is to show it as a two-door coupe or if you would have the trunk gate.

The case is that this example us is rather more appealing by its dynamic forms. It should be said as a curiosity that, at least in the us, reminds us partly to the Renault Laguna Coupe. Volkswagen does not seek a large volume of sales with the new Arteon, but present a product that convey sportiness the brand; a sportsmanship which, on the other hand, in recent years only was present with the Volkswagen Scirocco.

Another issue that makes us this render is if the Audi A5 would be in danger with the arrival of a more sporty Volkswagen Arteon, with only two doors. Although it would be very different models, we believe that there would be possible “theft” sales of the Volkswagen model to his cousin Brother Audi A5. Already several weeks ago saw another render, also of X-Tomi, simulating a Seat coupé. The US said, in your comments, that could be a tough opponent for the A5. Do you think the same of this Volkswagen Arteon? We fear that Yes, but it may also occur the new Volkswagen Arteon canibalice sales of the Audi A5 Sportback.

Source – X-Tomi

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