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Volkswagen Polo GTI

One of the words that more you are listening to in the car trade during recent years is “downsizing“. They are the engines of low capacity and high performance that, in theory, contribute to reduce the pollution produced during the combustion in the cylinder. Most “normal” brands have resorted to this, obtaining high powers with very contained displacements. Who thought two decades ago that a car of 12,000 euros would have a specific power of 100 HP/litre (or more)?

The fact is that this theoretical decline of pollutant emissions is not too effective in practice. Some manufacturers are betting on the downsizing even in sports versions, as it is the case of the new Ford Fiesta ST with a three-cylinder 1.5 yielding 200 HP, but others seem to be that they are “back” and slightly increase the displacement of their engines as the Volkswagen Polo GTI.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI it came to have a propeller 1.4 yielding 180 HP at the start of this decade. A few years later the were replaced in favor of a 1.8 TSI of 192 CV, which is the version that is currently marketed. Soon will launch the new Polo, which will take the same MQB A0 platform which uses the newly presented fifth-generation Seat Ibiza and which will be presented in the second part of 2017.

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Months later should reach the sporty Polo GTI version. According to our colleagues from Auto Express, the next Volkswagen Polo GTI will return to increase displacement and that, according to published the variant dynamic you will use a 2,000-cc engine. As usual, there will be a small increase in power, which is expected to report a 200 HP at full capacity. Remember that Volkswagen has recently presented the 1.5 engine TSI EVO, to be used by a good number of the Volkswagen Group products, replacing the current 1.4 TSI.

Regarding the Polo GTI, we know little more of it. We expect a more dynamic undercarriage, forms and details sports both in body and in the cockpit, upgraded equipment and, undoubtedly, traction on the front axle. If this statement by Auto Express is really certain, is very likely the next Seat Ibiza Cupra (if it materializes) also use this drive of 2 litres.

Source – Auto Express

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