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A Renault Megane RS, the old circuit of Nurburgring, and good luck (video)

Un Renault Mégane RS con mucha suerte en Nürburgring

If you type the word Nurburgring in the search box of the most famous video portal in the world you will find thousands and thousands of videos. Many of them will be returned to recorded “onboard”, others will also be fragments of racing, you’ll find yourself tip accident that put the hairs , skids of video games and, of course, scenes in which a driver get rid of a strong stroke of miracle.

Some have spent many hours watching videos of this drawing on YouTube on Sunday late in the afternoon, mostly of skids spectacular, some other accidents and seeing cars rolling at breakneck speeds. In recent days we have seen as a third-generation Renault Mégane RS gets rid of vacating the runway crane by sheer luck. Believe or not in miracles or the luck will be with me in your safe driver did not believe is how had not impacted against the guard rail.

As we can see in the video, the car goes completely out of control of a curve left, abruptly sobrevirando. In a first moment is about to impact, with the front part of the body, against the barrier of circuit protection. The car suddenly reverses direction skidding during several tens of meters. Inertia do that behind “later” clearly to the nose and car circulates completely uncontrolled, reverse gear and at high speed. Luck makes the vehicle practically stops and rote, getting rid of the impact with the nightlights by mere inches.

The Renault Megane RS is the sports variant of the Compact French. Engine is under the hood of 2-litre supercharged which developed 250 HP in the first version of the third generation and 265 HP after an update. All the power is sent to the front axle. The development of this car passes through the hands of Renault Sport, the sports subsidiary of the French brand of the Rhombus.

Meanwhile, remember, and we continue to believe in the Renault Megane RS of fourth generation, a car that has already been announced by Renault Sport through a teaser video.

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