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A rough Audi SQ7 prepared by ABT

Audi SQ7 por ABT

ABT is one of those trainers more famous to level European. Of German origin, his works are often made on domestic products, elevating the dynamic performance and changing the aesthetics a little. In this occasion “have tucked hand” to the Audi SQ7, the version more benefits of the great Audi Q7, increasing the performance of its engine V8, lowering the height of the bodywork, changing them rims and modifying the sound to diesel that emanates for them outputs of exhaust.

According to comes out of the dealer, completely of series, the Audi SQ7 is a SUV that can “snack is” to many sports of a simple stomp on the pedal right; and that which is diesel. Under the hood has a 4 litre V8 TDI engine displacement. With double supercharging by turbo and the support of a compressor electric, his performance reaches to them 435 HP and 900 Nm. This energy passes through an 8 Tiptronic shift and is split between the four wheels, and can complete the 0 to 100 in 4.8 seconds.

After a reset electronic in the workshop of ABT, the Audi SQ7 can leave yielding 520 HP and 970 Nm. With these figures, not only is snack to sports, but which will remain near high-performance vehicles. Now can perform the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, figures dizzying and difficult of believe makes some years for a car diesel and more for an SUV.

ABT also has made a series of modifications in the configuration of the vehicle for power down 20 mm more the height free to the floor, what will improve the stability. In addition, installs a set of 22 inch rims and five-spoke design. The icing on the cake puts it “ABT Level Control” system, which varies the sound of exhaust to make it more sporty and appetising, eliminating the typical diesel engine sound.

Audi SQ7 por ABT

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