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Ahead of a BMW M2 GTS, due to Alpha-N Performance

BMW M2 preparado por Alpha-N Performance

It BMW M2 is a coupé contained dimensions and highest sportiness. Its body of three volumes, three-door and sports and differentiating ways make us see that it is not a model of the heap, and is signed coming with “M” of BMW Motorsport. Uses a propellant turbo six-cylinder in line which develops no less that 370 HP and 465 Nm of torque sent to the rear going before through a six-speed manual gearbox automatic DKG.

For most mortals, the M2 BMW is a car which has almost everything when we talk about sport utility vehicles. Not too large, rear propulsion, possibility of purchase with manual transmission and a high number of horses under the right pedal. Enough to have fun at a track-day or on a road in curves, isn’t it? Because for some it seems that not.

BMW M2 preparado por Alpha-N Performance

Alpha-N Performance thought that all that is not enough and that many improvements would not be over for the BMW M2. Therefore, it brings us a new preparation for the German sports. The modification more important is the adjustment of the 3 litre turbo. After pass by their hands, the BMW M2 increases the power of your propeller to develop nothing less that 450 cv, i.e., 19 cv rather than their brothers older M3 and M4.

On the other hand, it is also possible to equip a much sportier brand Ohlins adjustable suspensions. The aesthetic touch put it a kgross and wide, it’s body that reminds us of the BMW M4 GTS; with a front that seems to have come out of the world of competition due to a markedly lower lip. The same occurs in its rear part, where we found a prominent spoiler, also very similar to the GTS M4. Completing this set, and continuing with the similarities with regard to most benefits the series 4 version, appear four virtually identical to the one of the GTS alloy wheels, but without the orange color profiles.

We don’t know if BMW will launch a version of the more sporty than the current BMW M2, but what we do know is that this BMW M2 of Alpha-N Performance is as it should be a GTS M2.

Source – BMWblog

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