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And this is the inside of the Skoda Vision E, an exercise for the future

Skoda Vision E interior

Last week we saw some sketches released by Skoda of its new prototype with a view to the future, the Skoda Vision E, an all-electric model. This prototype will be presented officially in just 10 days, during the celebration of the Hall of the Shanghai automobile , and now, the brand of the Czech Republic shows us two images will look like inside and, therefore, where the Interior design lines of its future vehicles could go.

Skoda aims to launch five models 100% electric by 2025, as well as several plug-in hybrid vehicles. With this, says Skoda, one of four models offered by the Czech brand will have electric propulsion. Skoda Vision E is, precisely, forward us the future of its electrified, although rather cars focuses on image and design than in propulsion systems and technologies.

Skoda Vision E interior

Focusing already on the two images, sketch, facilitated Skoda Vision e, everything seems to indicate that they will seek the maximum possible minimalism. In this way, we see a very clean inside, just the absence of buttons and controls and with what appear to be a head-up display for the driver and one for occupying right front, in addition to a main screen in the central area of the dashboard. The steering wheel is so high as flattened down and only has two radios.

The second picture allows us to observe that the Skoda Vision E will be a four-seater with totally separate sidewalks prototype. Four seats have a very contained thickness and unusual forms today, shell-type, as they are called mark. These seats can rotate up to 20 degrees when the doors are opened with the aim of speeding up the entry and exit of the vehicle operation. A new idea “Simply Clever” Skoda has pulled out of the sleeve. Here back they also fitted other dual-independent display more.

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