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Anton Yelchin could die hit by a defect in your Jeep

Anton Yelchin Jeep Grand Cherokee

On 19 June passed away actor Anton Yelchin, of 27 years, known for her recent roles in the saga Star Trek playing Pavel Chekov. Friends of the actor found him dead in his home, hit by his car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee. All research suggests that it’s an accident, probably caused by a known defect of the SUV.

FCA has already called to review several models, among which is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, switched from automatic change confusing, which can make that car is not properly secured parking. Apparently, Anton Yelchin lowered his car leaving the gear lever in position N, and without applying the parking brake, which led to the car moved with such bad luck hit the actor against the wall of bricks from your Inbox only.

Selector cambio automático Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Change selector always returns to the same point and that can be confused

The authorities have already confirmed that the Jeep Grand Cherokee from Yelchin was one of the models affected by the call to review. Already have been posted 41 incidents related to the problem, but Anton Yelchin is the first death caused by these selectors of change that may be confusing.

News engine we tested on two occasions the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and can corroborate that the selector of the change can be confusing. However, it is responsibility of the driver put the change in position P to park the vehicle, and also secure with parking brake, which in this case is operated by foot.

Source – Jalopnik

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