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Approaching a new rival for the M3 and RS4, Jaguar XE SVR

Jaguar XE tracción total

Who don’t like sports saloon? Despite that our roads are full of cars to go from point A to point B, still remain the models that are used to do that and much more, so go shopping to pass through a circuit to enjoy a track day. That Yes, the cost of use per kilometre is not acceptable to all, as also its acquisition.

The King of the sport sedans in the segment D is the BMW M3. I do not believe that doubt of this any. But this does not mean that it is the only option, also taking the class C signed by AMG Mercedes or, on a second level, the Audi RS4, these two being his closest rivals. It seems that another model will be added shortly, and in this case, will not proceed from Germany but from Great Britain; the Jaguar XE SVR.

Jaguar XE produccion

Auto Express noted in an article that Jaguar-Land Rover special vehicle operations (SVO) division is developing a variant for the XE with high performance. As we have said, you will receive the name of Jaguar XE SVR. The vain engine will be occupied by a powerful 5-liter V8 with supercharging, the same as that used in the F-Type SVR. According to our colleagues will not come until the 575 HP of the coupé, but will stay in some more than adequate 500 HP.

Everything seems to indicate that the Jaguar XE SVR would use a four wheel drive system (although it cannot be ruled out the possibility of sending all the power “back”) and an automatic gearbox. If so, would also be among the potential rivals future Audi RS4, which always used his wheel drive quattro system. We’ll see if it actually comes to confirm this rumor. How much more competition, better for us.

Source – Auto Express

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