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Attentive to the next Monday: Tesla will present a new important

Elon Musk Tesla

Elon Musk and Tesla again be protagonists in social networks. Musk, CEO of the well-known brand of electric vehicles, has made a major statement through your profile on Twitter. In a “tweet” affirms that: “the day 17 there will be a presentation of product of Tesla (unexpected by the majority)“. Unexpected is, since not us expected any novelty from the mark so soon, since recently have presented the update 8.0 of the software.

Not know anything for certain, but the rumors say that could be before an ad related with the Autopilot, that could show a new version completely renewed 2.0. The possibility of that Elon Musk is refer to the set of aid and assistants for the driving is high, since is has armed a great stir since knew it first victim mortal with the Autopilot in operation.

Tesla Model 3

But clear, Elon Musk says in its profile of Twitter that will be something unexpected to the most, by what us makes doubt of if Tesla will show a new Autopilot, if not it will make, or if it will make but also will present another important novelty at the same time. Therefore, we could be days to meet a completely new product.

This we can take to think about a new vehicle, or an important update of any of them. By the network have been written many lines and speculations about a possible renewed Model 3 bumper range. However, and coming from Elon Musk and of Tesla, is difficult to ensure certain that is les can be passing by the head.

The announcement will take place the next Monday 17 of November, by what will be expectant. Sure that Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk form a media stir during this presentation. As always, I will keep tanto from any novelty.

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