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Auction is this stunning Jaguar E-Type Lightweight original

Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

In the Decade of the 60s, Jaguar launched one of their most iconic models, if not that more, the Jaguar E – Type. With a rare form that many remembered to a shoe, the Jaguar E-Type was becoming one of the most beautiful, fast, and sports cars of the era that could drive freely by public roads. Her heart, a 3,800 six cylinder in line with 265 HP, which allowed him to touch the 240 km/h maximum speed.

Jaguar also would launch a convertible version, both or more beautiful than the model Coupe with the same mechanics and differentiating features. However, the most exclusive variant is the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight. It was a specific version developed to compete in the GT category, and the British brand had in mind to produce a total of 18 units, although eventually they produced only 12.

Jaguar E-Type Lightweight

All of them had various modifications like the chassis monocoque, aluminum in your body and some other improves mechanical. Jaguar Classic decided a couple of years ago build the 6 remaining had been producing. Today we have known that a unit of the first 12, specifically the number 10. They say this is the best preserved is. In its more than half century of life only has been owned by three different people, and according to our source, won the race in Australia in the GT Championship the year 63.

Further important details of this vehicle are the number of chassis, S850667, and a total distance traveled, according to the marker, 4,000 miles, less than 6,500 kilometers. More than one decade ago that does not appear a Jaguar E-Type Lightweight to auction, and with a bubble that exists today in this type of car estimates speak to its selling price will be around the 7.5 to 8.5 million dollars, 6.75 and 7,65 million euros to change. If you can afford it and you are interested in, the auction will take place on 19 January in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Source – Carscoops

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