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Audi Sport shuffles the possibility of also creating a Hypercar

Audi R8

For several months we are following closely the upcoming launch of the Mercedes-AMG Project One. A model hiperdeportivo with technology extracted directly from the Formula 1. Engine, chassis and aerodynamics will come derived from the “big circus”. There is no doubt that it will be a brutal vehicle, both performance and price. Now seems to be that to Audi Sport le has chopped the bug and from Ingolstadt is raise the creation of a car similar.

“Ass I see, estranged”, we could say. But, perhaps is a problem for us that the brands are decide to develop and launch cars of this type? Surely not. Much will need to see the word of Stephan Winkelmann, former CEO of Lamborghini and current head of Audi Sport. Winkelmann has talked recently with our colleagues from Car Advice, who has made a very interesting statement for which we love this type of vehicle but not in several lives we could pay for them.

Mercedes-AMG superdeportivo híbrido

Coming from a brand where because we did this in the past and we raise it to a new level… If it’s a car very limited with a high price to test the value of the brand could be a good idea,” he said. And it is that if Mercedes can carry it out with the One Project and Aston Martin with the RB 001, why Audi not could benefit from a similar strategy? The investment cost will be very high, Yes, probably more than what earn selling all the units planned, but brand sometimes is worth more than the own investment cost.

Winkelmann was clear that there was nothing confirmed and which talked about a hypothetical case, but saw power in Audi Sport for that type of car. When asked by our colleagues about if the project could be shared with Lamborghini to distribute costs, their answer was clear “no, no, no“. The One Project of Mercedes-AMG will exceed the 1,000 HP barrier, how many would be able to extract at Audi?

Source – Car Advice

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