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BMW will have its first autonomous car on the street to 2021

BMW Vision Next

Autonomous driving is slowly coming to the car brands that spend more budget to research and development of new technologies. BMW is one of those brands, because for years has been considered as the firm most of its annual budget allocated to this task. Proof of its technological advances showed them the current generation of its flagship, the 7 series, maybe even you couldn’t Park from the key.

Full automation has not yet reached its cars to be a technology that is still in its infancy but the pace at which their models, advance should not take long to meet. That is what has recognized Ian Robertson, Director of Marketing for the BMW Group, since he has confessed the first autonomous car one hundred per cent of the Bavarian firm it will be in the market when the year 2021.

BMW Serie 7

That date, the level of autonomous driving that BMW cars will be 4 or 5. In other words, these cars could be addressed without having the driver to intervene in many aspects that influence the driving. These vehicles and technology is already being tryto the mark, but still are looking forward with developments that may have legislation in the field of autonomous driving, as it is the main brake to this technology.

Among the many things that said Robertson wanted to make something clear and is that “we want that our customer is always able to choose between autonomous driving and the driving manual. Said also believe that it will be a decision of great importance the removal of the steering wheel and pedals, but I think it will be long until lawmakers decide the rules for car driving by itself. Thus the removal of the steering wheel is also still far.”

The first preview of what BMW is capable of doing in terms of autonomous driving already saw with the view Next 100. However the next vehicles which launch with this technology shall not be so futuristic autonomous as this concept, although they will slowly advance towards the place where we could find this model.

Source – BMW

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