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Brussels wants to force Spain to collect tolls for using their expressways

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How what you hear, Europe weighs the possibility of imposing tolls on all the expressways. Although this measure can already be seen in certain situations, such as those that affect truck traffic in some countries of the European Union; now studying to implement it for your use and enjoyment in all vehicles.

Although apparently, the Minister of development, Íñigo de la Serna is not the work. Not even, the implementation of special charges aimed at heavy truck. However, it would not be a far-fetched idea if we take into account the need to finance new infrastructures in the field of road safety.

Autopista peaje

In Europe, there is a toll for heavy trucks (from 12 tons); known as the “Eurovignette”. This Eurovignette must buy before using motorways and fast roads subject to rates from certain countries (Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden). He was asked about it, the Minister of public works, Inigo de la Serna, which replied that is not in Government plans the introduction of the toll.

On the other hand, the Minister, although we don’t exactly know the plans of action; It has been reticent on the issue of whether there is the possibility of the European Commission to impose tolls on all the expressways and through this, If the Spanish Government would use this way to finance new infrastructure in the field of road safety.


The statements of the Minister in this regard, have been, “the Commission has the challenge of implementing a common road transport policy and the Commissioner already said that this includes funding and maintaining infrastructure and the homogenization of tolling, but there is nothing decided in this regard, not even a document that serves as a basis”.

On the other hand, does not seem convinced the imposition of new taxes for that purpose. “The policy of the Ministry fails to establish this Eurovignette”. It has also concluded with that do not provide the financing of new construction with the introduction of a new tax.

Source – Ministry of public works

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