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Bugatti Type 57S Cabrio to auction a unique opportunity

Bugatti Type 57S

Makes some hours I informed you of that a Ferrari Enzo, belonging to Tommy Hilfiger, would be to auction and that is expected a fundraising of between 3.5 and 4 million of euros by this unit. However, be expected that the hammer falls approximately by a bid of the double of money in this exclusive Bugatti Type 57S Cabrio with almost 80 years of life. The auction, organized also by RM Sothebys, is held in the Amelia Island Concours d ‘ Elegance, in the month of March.

Without place to doubt, the Bugatti Type 57S Cabrio will be one of them vehicles classic more striking of such auction and also is of expect that one of them models more expensive, if not which more, although nor us surprise that won the contest of elegance; and is that this Bugatti, beautiful, is a time.

Bugatti Type 57S Cabrio

Built by the Parisian craftsman Vanvooren, this unit of the Bugatti Type 57S Cabrio was produced in 1937. Its exclusivity is very high, since only built three units like this. Number of chassis 57513, this unit never has undergone a complete restoration, so that its State is completely original. On the other hand, offered with your documentation and history, being this the first time that it appears at auction.

As we said, the RM Sothebys auction company expects a revenue of about $ 8.5 million, which are approximately 8 million euros when you present it to change to potential customers in the month of March. A price that can seem a madness for many, but that for others can be a opportunity only to acquire a model so exclusive and difficult of see as this Bugatti Type 57S Cabrio. Nor is the first time that a car of period and style similar exceeds the 8 million of euros. Always there will be people crazy with much money in the world… or just not are so crazy and is a great investment.


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