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Chevrolet Enjoy gets 0 stars in GlobalNCAP tests

Chevrolet Enjoy

The safety of the cars that are sold in the world is an issue that the car brands should be taken seriously. The problem that exists for that not to take due diligence is that half of their sales occur in markets in developing and as vehicles must have a competitive price in them do not invest in security economic amount you should. The major countries that are affected by this problem are the India, Latin America and certain Asian and African markets.

As a curiosity the GlobalNCAP has made its crash test and tests to the Chevrolet Enjoy sold in the India. This model offers a cabin for up to eight passengers and leaving behind a much less attractive design has elements of security. Main deficiency lies in the absence of air bags in the basic versions as having a bargain price manufacturer leaves behind certain elements that even more expensive the final selling price.

Test of shock front to 64 km / h the Chevrolet Enjoy has achieved a score of 0 stars. The worse off are the occupants of the front seats as they are which absorb all the energy of the impact. The Organization of GlobalNCAP has indicated that “the lack of airbags in the levels of the model makes the body protection unacceptable”. Also adds that “even in versions that have two front bags protecting passengers is questionable”.

As official reprimand by GlobalNCAP David Ward, Secretary general of the organization said that “there is nothing to enjoy a score of security zero stars and General Motors should be ashamed who are selling cars with such inadequate levels of protection of the occupants of the Indian consumers ‘.

Finally we will say that This is not the first car of the conglomerate American that the lia in crash tests. A scant year ago Chevrolet Spark (Beat to the India) failed to overcome the tests and therefore had to be withdrawn from the market until they solved the problem.

We ask that you take a look at the video, you will see how the car is wrinkled. Thus shudders to think that for certain brands we are worthless objects.

Source – GlobalNCAP

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