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Colorful for the BMW i3 and BMW Garage Italy hand i8 Customs. Is it excessive?

BMW i8 y BMW i8 decorados por Garage Italia Customs

Perhaps you wonder what they do a BMW i3 and a BMW i8 with this colorful decoration. It doesn’t surprise us. Tastes aside, not be for not to draw attention. BMW i and Garage Italy Customs, Lapo Elkann design company, have joined forces to pay tribute to the style of the movement of the 1980s, where the “lie” was flag for many, based on the designs of the Memphis group.

Lapo Elkann and the design team of Garage Italy Customs have decided capture that vision of style and “eighties” art in the BMW i see in the images. A body with several combined colors, lots of horizontal and vertical lines or rims with several shades reveal in its exterior. As we can see, break completely with the typical German style.

BMW i8 decorado por Garage Italia Customs

If the exterior is so striking, you can imagine that the cockpit will also make you feel an explosion of feelings combined with the futuristic design of these two BMW cars i, especially in the sports i8. Again we find many elements decorated in colours “garish”, contrasts of infarction and lines on all sides; even on the same floor mats. The interior seems even more striking than the outside. It looks like a joke, but these cars are not, presented at the “Salone in Milan Mobile”. The BMW i8 will be exhibited also at “Frieze New York 2017”.

On the other hand, and although these two units are the only ones that have occurred, Garage Italy Customs wants to produce more versions. So much so that they offer to customize the car of any BMW owner i request. If you want to return to the rebelliousness of the 1980s or that everyone has the feeling of having eaten a substance little legal when you see or mount on your car, this is your chance.

BMW i8 decorado por Garage Italia Customs

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