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Confirmed, FCA will have new CEO in 2019 after the departure of Marchionne

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About fourteen years ago, the now-defunct Fiat S.P.a., was not going through their best time. The commercial launch of the Fiat Stilo and the debts that accumulated the Italian group were putting the failure that was against the ropes. However, he arrived in his salvation D. Sergio Marchionne, one of the senior managers of the House and the person who became the backbone of the largest company of Italy with the passage of time.

The Steering was proposed to revive the Group and so had to take the scissors, because accounts not meshed. With the passing of the years, it has been found that nose of Marchionne and strategic with their signature movements had a lot of true. Proof of this is that when he decided to take charge of the badly wounded group Chrysler LLC nobody gave two hard by this operation, but if it had not been for the Americans, now Fiat would not exist as we know it.

FCA Ferrari Sergio Marchionne

As we pass everyone when the time comes, however, we also want to retire to live what remains of life calmly. Sergio Marchionne is no stranger to this fact and often has advised us that at the end of the current FCA industrial plan he will leave office. This situation is planned for the end of the year 2018 and perhaps as confirmed John Elkann (President of FCA and Exor, its main shareholder) at an event in Turin, “Marchionne let FCA in 2019”.

According to Elkann, when it comes time that Sergio Marchionne abandon FCA they will be prepared. The reason that wields is that “in FCA we have many good people who succeed him”. However, it seems that the departure of CEO more automotive media will not occur definitively. According to advanced Elkann Marchionne would remain at the head of Ferrari, because after the departure of Luca di Montezemolo, in 2014, became responsible for the control and operations of the most important brand of the italo-American group.

Soon there will be more news, as the revival of Alfa Romeo (main point of the business plan of FCA) is more and more advanced. In addition, the accounts of the group it seems that they are improving every month and if new products work in the market, FCA will shine as before.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

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