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Curious, the BMW i3 called to review for possible fuel leak…

BMW i3 33 kWh

It is common to hear calls to review in specific versions of cars by a generalized factory defect that may be of greater or lesser extent. Publish here and that drew much attention last had to do with the pickup Nissan Navara that could literally split in two by a poor corrosion protection. Today we get information that the BMW i3 has also been called to review, at least in the United States.

As we all know, the BMW i3 is a city of the German brand whose propulsion system is fully electric. This is especially call attention the call to review published by the “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” American. Say that 19,000 units of this urbanite electric must pass by them workshops official of the brand to solve a possible problem of leak of fuel but, not was a vehicle electric?

The BMW i3 adds more than 25,000 trades in the United States, although most individual customers and car hire companies opted for the version REX, which brings with it an Extender of autonomy. The Extender’s autonomy is not neither more nor less than an small internal combustion engine , powered by gasoline, generates electricity with its operation. The internal combustion engine is not used to transmit power to the wheels directly, but to generate electricity.

Apparently, a pipe for recirculate the fuel vapors can rub with the positive battery cable, representing a danger of leakage and fire. Fortunately there are no records of any accident or fire caused by this issue, but as a precaution BMW is calling to review all the BMW i3 marketed with the range extender. We will see if this issue does not affect also the units sold in the United States. In any case, and while there is no reported incidents, it is better to prevent than cure, as the saying goes.

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