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Do you like the Volkswagen Polo 2018 luciese this image?

Volkswagen Polo 2018

The Volkswagen Polo is already around a veteran who, thanks to their good approach, has been able to resist the passage of the years and therefore a full renewal. The great competence of Segment B, affects to be up to date, is a compulsory task. If all of this out, the recent arrival of the New SEAT Ibiza put things more difficult because is sensed that this will be leader in terms of dynamism in its category.

With this approach, they will soon much to get numerous approximations of what will be the final model will be presented, as I discussed last month, at the next Frankfurt auto show. To be able to taste until the arrival of the final date, we present the latest images, which are likely to be more faithful to reality.

Volkswagen Polo 2018

Volkswagen Polo 2018 has been photographed in Upington (South Africa); Although that Yes, camouflaged. In fact, some media have been graced to be able to prove it. However, as it is not yet known nothing about the exterior design, the professional digital image Kleber Silva, brings us this recreation. Quite realistic and grounded in the insinuante and edgy lines shown in the Volkswagen Arteon, this Polo 2018 could be a faithful recreation of what will be the final model.

As we can see in the pictures, the front of the new pole would be renovated. Now it looks a look more in keeping with behind that Volkswagen will be implemented in the other models. We have seen this in the different Concept Cars (such as the Sport Coupe GTE Concept or Golf GTE Concept). The headlights give the whole aggressiveness; the chrome, elegance and the air intakes along with double outlet of exhaust, a few light touches of sportsmanship.

In terms of dimensions, all indications are that we will have the largest Polo history. It is believed that it will grow to about 20 centimeters in length with respect to the currently marketed version. This would mean that it would be above a Fourth-generation Volkswagen Golf. Despite the increase in size; is intuits that the implementation of the new platform MQB-A0 (premiered at the new SEAT Ibiza), reduce the weight at almost 100 Kg!

Source – Periodismodelmotor.

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