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Faraday Future hereinafter referred to their models in this curious way

Faraday Future FF91 frontal

In the CES of the Vegas Faraday Future has presented his first prototype functional. The FF91 marks a before and later on the future of the firm, and although financial problems that are still there it seems that they go ahead. This model is very important for the signature, as well have said them responsible of the brand, but as is obvious (if all them goes according to it planned) not will be the only model that will have in the market.

The signing of Gardens (California, United States) has confirmed in a matter of a decade should be on the market in two to three models and so already have you thought how them will appoint. The first coming to the street is the FF91 and as well you may have thought the two FF´s make reference to the brand name, just do not know what why 91 and what will the name of their brothers in range.

Faraday Future FF91 trasera

Faraday Future will employ them FF´s to lead the name of all their models and depending on the segment in which are inserts so will be the next number choice. The second will make reference to the version or generation of each model in question. So have the FF91 belongs to the largest segment that the brand is going to manufacture so-called by the 9 and the 1 refers to the first generation of this vehicle.

When other models to the market nomenclature will be exactly the same but varying the first and second number of the configuration. Suppose that the next model launch is a saloon half (just like Audi A4 or Alfa Romero Giulia), because following this logic would be called FF41. In the event that they decide to get into the compact segment (Golf and company) well they could use the name FF31. All this would vary depending on the generation that was the model changing though in the 2, 3 or 4 generation.

In addition, according to Nick Sampson, senior Vice President of research and development of Faraday Future, when they decide to launch a high-performance version of or very exclusive they used Zero combination. With she want to do honour to the prototype FF Zero 1 with which is gave to know as brand makes a year and that represented a revolution with regard to design and technology.

According to Sampson, this system of appellation them will come very well when already are in the majority of markets of the world. The reason is that many times the words with which is called to them models can create confusion or bad understood and of this form the work of the team creative and of communication is simplifies of way sensitive.

Source – Faraday Future

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