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FCA, General Motors and Ford meet with Trump at the White House

FCA, GM, Ford Casa Blanca Trump

It seems that in the United States things are going faster than initially expected. Donald Trump just takes six days in his armchair of President and now they are changing many things in the economy American. To avoid surprises, the three major manufacturers of the country Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), General Motors and Ford Motor Company already have met with the President of the United States in order to meet, establish ties of union and other issues of common interest.

It was the maximum leaders of each group, which are Mark Fields in the case of Ford Motor, Sergio Marchionne for FCA and Mary bar for General Motors. As we can see, they were all gathered together environment to the same table and it seems that the talk was very enjoyable. It discussed the main points that Trump asserted in his race to the White House and which raised so much controversy among manufacturers.


The main point treated has been the review of them rules anti pollution that the former President Barack Obama established in the law of economy of fuel. The second aspect of the Treaty is put thornier than Trump wants manufacturers to produce their models in the United States and if it has that strong sanctions will do so. Obviously the three manufacturers have strong interests in that it never happens since Americans have large production centers in Mexico and other Latin countries.

To address the first point (standard antipollution) Trump has said that it will help American companies to contaminate more. The reason given is that they are very strict and are out of control. This movement gives the reason which warned that Trump had no scruples and that it was against the preservation of the environment and combat climate change.

With regard to solving the second point (production of cars in the United States) the three manufacturers have committed publicly to relocate part of its production to the country. With this commitment the production centres which have in Mexico and other countries will lose part of its production capacity, although at no time have said that they will close their factories.

This meeting all the leaders came out very pleased because all have much to gain. Now it remains to be seen how to evolve the conversations and agreements.

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