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Ferrari dismisses it, but the renderings of the Dino and the rumors are still there

Ferrari Dino Render

Four-wheel fans are aware of the history that lies behind the original Ferrari Dino. Enzo Ferrari after the loss of his eldest son, Alfredo Dino Ferrari, decided to use his middle name to create smaller and more affordable vehicles. With these models I wanted to compete against Porsche and its 911. However, despite his success, when the model ended its business cycle, Ferrari never more would bring to market another vehicle with the same technical characteristics.

This has never happened has not prevented that fans of the brand continue not dreaming of returning to the market. Proof of this is the render, as that we bring you today, and rumors that every so often come to bring to life the Dino. In this case, thanks to the Italian publication Trazione Posteriore you can bring the design that have made Maltese Design boys as couldbe a hypothetical new version of the Ferrari Dino.

Ferrari Dino Render

The model of the Italian House that Maltese Design guys have used base is a 488. The changes introduced by him are not very significant, but yes is played elements as the front, which will have softened the lines a little. The lateral area of the 488 nor undergoes large variations since by streamline it doesn’t make much sense to change it. In the rear, it receives four round headlights with a new rear diffuser which occupies the entire width of the model.

Maltese designers have used as a basis for creating the new Ferrari Dino the 488 is because there are several mules test that make us wary. The reason is not that they may be developing a new Dino, but that they would be working on new propellants or hybrid systems that complement them and help to reduce consumption and emissions. This information is confirmed by Sergio Marchionne, as already informed long ago that from 2019 the Ferrari´s will benefit from hybrid assistance.

We will have to continue dreaming of seeing a Ferrari Dino again, but who knows. Life and the automotive industry give many turns and maybe our prayers at the end are hearsay.

Source – Trazione Posteriore

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