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Ferrari LaFerrari number 500 will be auctioned Saturday to help those affected by the earthquake in Italy

Ferrari LaFerrari

Surely you remember the tragedy that occurred on August 24 in the Center of Italy. A magnitude 6 earthquake shook the country killing about 300 people, as well as a large number of injured, missing and some towns totally not roughly trimmed by the earthquake. A tragedy that the people of Italy, and especially the towns of the central zone of the country, do not ever forget.

A few days later, Sergio Marchionne, Chairman of Ferrari, communicated that the brand would bring their “two cents” to help the people and families affected economically. The best way to do it for the company from Maranello was, as we reported here, increasing the production of the Ferrari LaFerrari. This hiperdeportivo was planned for a very limited production of only 499 units in its closed bodywork Variant. Ferrari has already produced the unit number. 500 had promised and will be auctioned on Saturday.

Ferrari LaFerrari

This unit number 500 will find its new owner at an auction organized by RM auction in Daytona Beach, Florida. The President of the company in charge of the auction stated that it was an honor for them to be managers to sell this important car and helping to raise funds for the cause, the earthquake that hit Central Italy.

This time not have offered estimated figures of what value could reach this Ferrari LaFerrari, although security will be the unit by which more has been paid since the beginning of its marketing. We remind that the Ferrari LaFerrari is powered by a hybrid system composed of a V12 gasoline engine and an electric motor. Altogether, the achieved power is 963 CV, while torque rises to 700 Nm. These data allow you to pass of 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.

This is the last chance for any client released a Ferrari LaFerrari. The 499 units earlier already have been marketed and, makes some months, already is sold an of them by more than 4 million in the market of second hand; by what this surely ronde them 5 million of euros.

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