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First image of Alfa Romeo Stelvio on a finish of access

Alfa Romeo Stelvio filtrado

As you know, Alfa Romeo is trying to make a turn to his image and to their products, with the launch of a series of new vehicles that has already begun thanks to the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Just a few days ago the Italian brand showed us a model that was many months giving us to talk about the specialized media, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

You will remember that the Alfa Romeo Giulia was emergence for the first time in its more benefits variant, Giulia Quadrifoglio, making it clear that the car maker aimed to focus on sportsmanship and the passion for driving, something that seems lost in recent years. With its first SUV they did exactly the same thing, presenting before any other version the introduction Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Stelvio.

Driving V6 biturbo 510 HP and origin Ferrari, Alfa Romeo aims to reflect through the Stelvio Quadrifoglio that even its first SUV in history will be sporting genes, genes of race ” made in alpha ”. Obviously not all the Stelvio that we see in the next few years by our streets and highways will take four-leaf clover; in fact, will be really difficult to see live some Quadrifoglio frequently.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Until now, we only had images and official data of the sportiest variant, but not from Alfa Romeo Stelvio more ” normal ” that we will see in circulation and that more market belonging to FCA signature; until now. And is that recently it has leaked a picture of a Stelvio on a more accessible finish in the factory of the company at Cassino. Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of the boot-shaped country, visiting the facilities of the factory accompanied by FCA, Sergio Marchionne, CEO while a national channel was filming the meeting.

Everything points to that it is a strategy and that Marchionne and Alfa Romeo wanted that car was there. It would be a too big cluelessness, don’t you think? As for the image, it lets us see just the front and a slight part of the profile. It is not as aggressive as the Quadrifoglio, but it is true that their presence is very dynamic, perhaps more sporting SUV aesthetically speaking we know.

Still not is possible know when has thought Alpha present us the Stelvio in its variants more modest, or much less prices; but we are mindful of the Geneva Auto Show, since it is probable that Alpha decides to officially submit it there. The first Alfa Romeo SUV shares a platform with the aforementioned Giulia, Giorgio platform, so it will have a rear propulsion configuration and also the option to provide traction at all four wheels. The most normal thing would be that Alfa Romeo Stelvio was available with mechanical 2.2 diesel and 2.0 Turbo gasoline with 200 and 280 HP, both available also at the Giulia.

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